Revision sessions will be held over the May/June half term break as follows:

Here are some links that you may find useful when revising:

Success at Schools essential links 

With exams ongoing and careers on the horizon for many, this year is a big moment in the life of your child. To help you make sure they get the best advice Success at School has brought together some essential revision links for you.

  1. The best revision techniques for exams – Everything from creating a study routine to completing past papers.
  2. What job should I do? – We help students answer the question all school leavers should be asking themselves this term.
  3. How can transferable skills help my career? – How students can put the skills they’ve learnt at school to use in the workplace.
  4. What jobs can school leavers do? – An overview of the job options open to students leaving school this summer.

Do you know about apprenticeships?

With a number of new apprenticeships on the scene, young people can now get paid to train for highly skilled work straight from school or college – and even work towards a degree on some schemes. Help parents and students understand what's out there by adding these links to your school site:

  • Advanced apprenticeships – Start with GCSEs from age 16 and train as a chef, IT technician or digital marketer. 
  • Higher apprenticeships – When you leave education at 18, train for skilled jobs in industries from finance to broadcasting. Some courses even offer the chance to do a degree!
  • Degree apprenticeships – Complete a university degree while training for a highly skilled profession such as aerospace engineering or laboratory science.

Industry link... British Army

We want to bring industry-related advice straight to your students’ fingertips – so in every email, we’ll bring you a new industry link for your school website, so you can shine a light on a different sector, job opportunity or career path.

Army apprenticeships in 40 skilled areas – An independent insight into the diversity of skilled roles young people can train for with a British Army apprenticeship.