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Accelerated Reader

Cordeaux runs the Accelerated Reader scheme to boost literacy levels. Accelerated Reader was launched in September 2013 and now runs in Years 7, 8, and 9. This scheme has a proven track record of raising literacy standards and is used by all the AET Academies.

Students take a reading comprehension test (the STAR test) at the start of each term. This determines their current reading age and assigns them a ‘book level’ range. The Library has over 2000 books that have been given an Accelerated Reader book level, ranging from very easy books at level 1, right through to Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe at level 12.3. Once a student has read a book they take a short on-line quiz about it. If they pass, they are awarded points, and each student is given a points target to aim for.

All students should have their book level and points target written into the appropriate page of their planner. They can then record the books they have read and the points awarded.

When a student meets their termly target, they are given a certificate and 5 merits. If students pass a quiz with 100%, their name goes on a special display, and they are entered in a termly draw to win gift vouchersPrizes are also on offer to the student who passes the most quizzes each term, and the student who reads the most words.  There are also inter-form competitions for participation and words read which take place termly.

Students can read their own books and take quizzes on them provided there is a quiz available. To find out, you can use the AR book finder. (

Parents can use the 'Home Connect' facility to see which books their children have been reading, and how well they are doing with their quizzes. More information on this and AR in general can be found using by clicking on the icons below:

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