Year 11 is an important year and crossroads for many students.  This is the year when students decide on whether they will continue at the Academy or pursue another pathway. 

These pages have been produced to help students work through the options and assist them in making an informed decision.

It is important that students choose the right subjects or pathway that are appropriate for their proposed career. Students should talk this through with their parent/carer so that there is a shared understanding of what the student’s plans are and what is needed to achieve them.

It is also essential that students have a second plan (Plan B) and consider how the options could enable them to achieve their plan B, if necessary.  Students will be aided in their choices through the Academy's links with external advisors and by the careers guidance offered in the Academy.

For information on all of the pathways please click on the links below.  For other options, please follow the link from the drop down menu to "Post 16 External Options".